Men's Ministry

In our Men's Ministry we seek to become Greater Men. We know that being Greater men as individuals will help us to become greater father's, husbands and better men of God all around. Often referred to as Man Up, our Men's Ministry meets every second Saturday of the month at 10:30 AM. 

Do you need to be challenge to BE better so you can DO better? MAN UP!

Do you think you're the only one dealing with the issues you deal with as a man in your relationships? MAN UP!

Do you think you're the only one trying to fight sin so you can be a better man? MAN UP!

One thing we discovered early in our Ministry is that ALL MEN are dealing with the same things. When we get together you can expect real talk, relevant teaching and great fellowship with "the fellas". 

Do you need some men to help hold you accountable so you can reach your full potential as a man? MAN UP!

Do you need to be mentoring some young men with your wisdom and experience? MANUP!